About Us

About Us

Here’s the ‘lowdown’ – the ‘all about us’ 😉

Well, we’re a family business based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We’ve been around for nearly 2 decades – we started manufacturing removals covers around 2001 from a single room inside the current 3 unit area we now inhabit. We also moved twice into bigger units – Unit 8F and the Unit9 before needing more space and moving into Units 1G-3G where we are today. Come full-circle so a customer said the other day!

Nearly 20 years ago my late father Barry, my brother Lee and I (Bryn) put a few pennies together to purchase our first machines and we literally worked between this single room, Lee’s kitchen at home, and a garage we rented to get things going!

Today – well we make removals covers, amp covers, cab covers, piano covers and we have a design and manufacture service working with packaging companies to help them get covers and bags their customers need, but can’t get anywhere else.

So that’s us in a nutshell – we’re focused, driven, creative, straight talking and love results.

If that sounds like the sort of company you’d like to do business with, get in touch – let’s see whether we’re a good match for each other and let’s make something happen together!


About Us

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